Smart Short Courses joins forces with Euromed and the American Botanicals Council and brings a completely new program on ADULTERATION and FRAUD of Botanical and Natural Health Ingredients.

Main topics

  • The Botanical Adulteration Prevention Program (BAPP)
  • Impurities: Detection and compliance
  • Adulteration and Fraud in Botanicals: Processes and Detection
  • The Role of Vertical Integration
  • Adulteration and Fraud in Food
  • Is Sourcing the Solution?
  • DNA-based Method for Authenticity Testing
  • Adulteration and Regulations
  • Market Perspective

Workshop Objectives 

  • Obtain insights into the problem and what is being done globally to prevent adulteration
  • Hear the views and plans of regulators and risk assessors
  • Identify tools and practices for prevention
  • Learn through case studies about health risks, and impacts of natural ingredient fraud
  • Participate to panel discussion with experts
  • Work with experts on real case-studies in the practice lab

This is a crash course for research & development staff as well as marketing and commercialization and management of food processors and distributors. Meet experts in the field to discuss and improve innovation and new product introductions. The course material will also serve as a useful reference for processors, product formulators, chemists and technicians as well as business managers familiar with oils & fats applications.

Target group: Decision makers such as technicians, product formulators, plant engineers, processors, chemists and sales and marketing specialists.

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