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Register for the Practical Encapsulation / Microencapsulation Program
17th Industrial Workshop: Practical ENCAPSULATION / MICROENCAPSULATION Program
(Technology Reviews and Demonstrations, Product Tasting, B2B Appointments,
Plant Visit, Case Studies)
May 17 - 18, 2018, Hamburg, Germany
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Day 1 - Basic Principles – Technologies, Economics, Chemistry and Materials - Thursday, May 17, 2018
  Microencapsulation Market Review and Commercial Applications, Marc Meyers, Balchem Corporation, USA
  Materials Used in Encapsulating Bioactives
  Creating Encap Ingredients via Coacervation and Chemical Processing
  Products Tastings Include:
- Chewing Gums Using Encapsulated Flavors/Sweeteners / Acids
- Canned Dough Biscuits and Rolls Using Encapsulated Leavening (Sodium Bicarb.)
- Chocolate Bars with Encapsulated Pro-biotics- Chocolate and chews with encapsulated Omega-3’s
- Beef sticks and sour candies using encapsulated acidulants
- Chocolate bars with encapsulated pro-biotics
- Miscellaneous encapsulated materials and flavor beads
  Encapsulation of Aromas Using Twin Screw Extrusion Technology
  Matrix Encapsulation of “Sub Micron Particles”
  Benchtop Encapsulation Technology: Development and Scale-up for Spray Drying
  Air Flow Bed Technology - The Gentle Way,
  Economics of Various Controlled Release Processes
  Encapsulation of Vitamins and minerals for Food/Babyfood/FeedA
  Encapsulated Omega 3 for Direct Tableting
  Gastro Resistant Encapsulation of Particles -Ph-controlled Release“ with polymeric coatings
  Cost Effective Encapsulation by Blending Technology Under Vacuum Athmosphere
  Day 1 Ends
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Day 2 - Applications, New Methods and Technologies - Friday, May 12, 2017
  Innovative Emulsions & Microencapsulation with Carbohydrates and Natural Extracts
  Critical Issues in Continuous Fluid Bed Encapsulation of Sensitive Substances: Case Studies to Produce Advanced Flavors, and Probiotic Products,
  Enhancing Therapeutic Value to Nutritional and Pharmaceutical Products
  Products Tastings Include:
- Chocolate and chews with encapsulated Omega-3’s
- Beef sticks and sour candies using encapsulated acidulants
- Chocolate bars with encapsulated pro-biotics
- Flavor Beadlet Demonstration
- Miscellaneous encapsulated materials and flavor beads
  Extending the Functional Capabilities of Dietary Ingredients via Nano-Encapsulation
  Case Study: Development of A Taste Masking and Oxidative Stability of Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) Products By Matrix Encapsulation
  Vibrational Drip Casting - A World Of Encapsulation
  Presentations Ends
  PLANT VISIT - SternMaid, Wittenburg, Germany

We will have 7 stations :

7 Stations allocated at different places of our factory – approx. 25 Min. each

Station1: Fluidized bed lab plant - Practical Demonstration regarding encapsulated hydrocolloids  

Station 2: Fluidized bed production plant

Station 3: Lab-Tabletting press in GMP certified production area - Practical Demonstration regarding direct compressible Omega-3  

Station 4: Food blending area – Encapsulation by Lödige blender – Cheap process for food and feed commodities - Practical Demonstration regarding encap. by fat coating with example of sugar, salt, ascorbic acid or minerals  

Station 5: New factory part - Practical Demonstration regarding Gastro resistant encapsulation of minerals. Lab equipment for simulated human or animal stomach with different ph-values and controlled release phase.  

Station 6: Analytical Methods

Station 7: Benchtop Spray Drying Microencapsulation Technology

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